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The complete cycle from document sharing till work completion
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Documents we Require

  • All previous year tax filings (if available).
  • Access to your accounting software package.
  • All sale& purchase invoices for current& previous year.
  • Bank& Credit Card statemenets for current& previous year.
  • Any other document which you feel should be accounted for.

We strive to provide best in class services and Our Team :-

Give daily/weekly updates of the progress.
Work by SLA based incident management& resolution.
Use task management tools so that you can assign, track and complete the tasks off your checklist.
Provide support staff so that as a startup or growing business, you get one stop assistance for all your needs.
Give detailed work plan report before starting off, so that you know the outcome before the project.
Have in-house Project Management Systems to manage deadlines/reminders/Tasks associated with each client.
Dedicate a bookkeeper to you, who acts as one-point contact for your queries and projects. Whenever you contact us, you don’t need to explain anything. Just call and person this side will respond with details to your queries, project progress, any other issues etc.
Know that every client is different, So we create a resource document and checklist for every client featuring the behavior of their accounting entries, clients expense/purchase/sale behavior. Our bookkeepers refer to these databases before working on your books, consequently our accuracy rate is among the best in the industry.
Have developed strong knowledge repositories of best software practices and tricks/hacks to use different softwares for maximum utilization of the software features. Also we have developed standard& well researched protocols for performing certain standard tasks like bank reconciliations, tax preparations, invoice generation, purchase management etc., which help us in completing the tasks in much lesser time as compared to others.

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