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  • Process& Tools Development
  • Reimbursement Management
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Profitability Metrics
  • Inventory Management
  • Financial Analysis

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Process & Customized Tools Development

No two people are same, similarly their business approaches are not. Every business needs to define its own processes on the basis of strategy and approach this business has adopted. These processes are optimized by softwares, but unfortunately, they have "one shoe fits all" approach and might not necessarily fit in your business. You may try jumping from one tool to another until you find your ideal match, however that wont last long as the business environment is very dynamic and you keep on realigning your approach.

    We help you to:-

  • Develop & visualize your processes for an optimal business function. We help you develop approach on the basis of best practices that we have learned from years of working together with other ecommerce sellers.
  • We help you optimize the processes by developing customized tools on excel/google sheets/msaccess/php etc so that you have systems which are 100% aligned with your processes and can be customized to your business needs as they keep on changing.

Inventory Management

Managing inventory is the most challenging & crucial task for any ecommerce seller. Various sellers use various strategies depending upon conditions. Some prefer to keep 100% inventory with amazon, some try to split it between Amazon & TPL (third party logistics). There are sellers depending 100 % on dropshipping.

We help you to:-

  • Choose the best warehousing strategy for your business after taking multitude of factors, backed by solid data & calculations.
  • Audit your inventory with various warehouses and look for possible discrepancies in the values.
  • Manage PO & their shipments from suppliers with constant tracking until they reach your warehouse and accounted for.
  • Calculate the optimum stock levels to keep so as that you are not blocking your money in inventory or not losing sales due to stockouts.
  • Forecast inventory needs on the basis of sales and place PO with supplier after your approvals.
  • Centralize your inventory management with our customized tools, which help you track all numbers in sync to each other at s single place.

Financial Analysis & Consulting

Numbers makes sense only in comparison. Owing to our extensive experience and large pool of ecommerce sellers, we have the experience of calculating your financial metrics and put them in comparison to the average of other ecommerce sellers so that you can see where your business stands vis a vis others.

    We help you to:-

  • Analyse your business financials in detail using ratios and various advanced modelling techniques.
  • Budget your expenses & forecast your expenses & sales
  • Cash flow management on the basis of your current and expected expense & income levels.
  • Debt management by helping you prioritize your spendings and optimizing your income.
  • Increase business valuation by keeping your balance sheet parameters optimized for the eyes of investors or buyers.

Reimbursement Management

We help sellers reconcile refunds and request reimbursements. When a customer is issued a refund but the product is not returned to Amazon within the allotted 45-Day return period. If the item fails to show up and Amazon fails to refund the money to the seller, We will open a case with Amazon and request a reimbursement for the missing funds.

For FBA sellers, When inventory is damaged or Lost at the Amazon Warehouse and not properly reimbursed, the we track these damaged/Lost items and automatically requests reimbursements for those damages/losses.

When your inventory is shipped into Amazon warehouse, we look for the inventory actually shipped in and the inventory actually received by amazon. If there is any discrepancy, we register the case with amazon to resolve for discrepancies.

Marketing Analytics

The most important & costly affair for any ecommerce business is Marketing. So you try your hands on google ads, facebook, Instagram & most importantly amazon sponsored ads.

    We help you to:-

  • Analyse the efficacy & ROI of your ADS from a broader perspective. We don't only tackle numbers or revenue vis a vis expense, we also do audit on your brand awareness generated for every cent spent.
  • Understand various keywords which are giving good ROI vs other which are not. We help you understand which day or time is most cost effective to promote your product.
  • Directly correlate your sales revenue with adspend by removing all other variables like seasonality or regular sales.
  • Understand whether it makes sense for you to run campaigns even?
  • Keep a track of your Average cost of sale, Cost per click, Cost per Lead etc and make sure that your marketing spend is not crossing that target.
  • Keep a track of impressions, frequency etc to make sure that you are getting better results vis a vis your peers.

Profitability Metrics

Ecommerce is a tricky business. There are variety of factors affecting your business profitability & its very difficult to consolidate all of them to get your business actual profitability at granular level. For ex- you might incur storage fees for your inventory, which is effectively adding to your COGS and ultimately profitability. Assuming you incurred this in August, but how would you know that this expense is going to be accounted for goods sold in August or in September?

Similarly, some SKUs might incurem ore shipping costs vs others. How do you split it between them? You have taken a loan from bank to purchase inventory, and that inventory takes several months from buying to selling, before it can payback your loan. Did you account for the capital costs associated with that inventory? Did you account for expenses you are incurring for returned goods? How its affecting every sku of yours?

There are more questions on this, but fortunately we have lot more answers on this and we can help you find your optimal product mix and help you understand which part of business is benefiting or harming you the most.

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