Bank Accounts for
Non-Resident Aliens

Get bank account in your name in top notch banks of USA without travelling down!

We help you in securing bank account for your personal and business use. Whether you are ecommerce seller or a service business, if you need ban kaccoutn , do contact us.

You might not need to travel to USA also. all the process will be executed and take care of by us. The compelte process of setting up bank account takes 30 days approximately.

Personal Account

Documents we need

  • Your country Passport/Driver License (Passport preferable).
  • Proof of your country Address such as utility bills or Bank statement not later than 3 months.

There are some other documents required, which we will take care of at our end.

Business Account

Documents we need

  • All the requirement for Personal Account.
  • Company registration documents (Article of association, Memorandum of understanding and certificate of registration as apply to your country).
  • USA Certificate of Company formation (If available).
  • USA Employer Identification Number (EIN) if available.

So what are you waiting for? Get your bank account now!