Some of your Questions:

Q. Do you sign NDA?

Yes, we are open to any contract or NDA that you expect from us. We however prefer to sign NDA with you so that you are assured of the safety of data.

Q. What about security?

We take security very serious and are constantly looking at our systems. We utilize 128-bit SSL encryption enables clients to verify authenticity and to securely communicate with our servers. All our systems are without outside access, and all our staff is monitored by CCTVs constantly.
To know more about our security system, Please click here.

Q. Who services my account?

We will dedicate a bookkeeper to you as per your choice and she will be fully responsible for taking care of your accounting needs. She will communicate with you on regular basis through her personal number/skypeid/mail etc.
Your bookkeeper is supported by an Account Team that provides internal support, and functions as a backup & review on your account.

Q. How can I end the contract?

Rarely has our client excercised this option. However just in case you need to, Just send a mail or call us. Services will be ended then and there itself.
You can just type a message to end contract and the contract will be ended there, no questions asked& In case you are not satisfied with our services we will refund you 100% of the money. Since we are confident about our quality of service after looking at our track record and client testimonials, we can afford to guarantee 100% refund.
Also all your data will be sent to you in whatever form its available with us and we will terminate all our accesses to your systems with complete documentation of the work we have done till now, so that if you hire some other bookkeeper/accountant , he should know the start and end point in your books. However we would like to know your feedback on our services so that we can improve upon any lacunae we might have.

Q. Do you need written Contracts to start?

No, we don’t need any formal contracts to start. However, if you want to enter into a formal contract, we will be happy to do so.

Q. How can I outsource my accounting to you?

To outsource, just mail/use website chat tool or call us on our phone or skype. We will kick start the process of outsourcing, which will be completed in maximum 3-4 hrs, depending upon your response time.
Contact us by clicking on this link.

Q. How will you start the outsourcing process?

After understanding your requirements& completion of the all requirements, we will take the process as below:
1. Information Sharing: After understanding your requirements and finalization of other formalities like NDA, payment terms etc., we will ask you for the relevant documents and data access.
2. Service Trial: We will perform some tasks for you on trial basis so that you can gauge our competency and we can understand your requirements practically. It is here that we iron out all the discrepancies/ prospective issues in bookkeeping process.
3. Project Finalize: If you are satisfied with our services, which we are sure of, we will assign a dedicated bookkeeper to you and will share all the relevant contact info of bookkeeper directly.
Here is the link to the infographic of above mentioned process. Also please do take time to watch our outsourcing process video

Q. How much time do you take to complete my books?

Every organization is different and not all books are same. The time required depends on the quantity of transactions and the nature of transactions. However we usually follow a deadline based process, wherein our bookkeeper gives you estimated time of every task before starting.

Q. What are the qualifications that your employees hold?

We only recruit people who are finance graduates with minimum 2 years experience. After hiring, our employees undergo rigorous training for 3 months under senior staff, in which all the protocols and processes are taught. Most of our bookkeepers are quickbooks proadvisor, Xero certified CPAs, Wave certified or have multiple other certifications. All professionals working in our Service Centers are trained in US GAAP, SEC, and Sarbanes-Oxley requirements.

Q. I want to be sure that you wont mess up with my books. How can I be?

Yes, we understand your apprehensions before associating with someone for first time. For this, before starting on any project, our bookkeeper studies the clients books in-depth and gives a detailed work-plan so that they know what outcome they should expect and why we are performing certain tasks.
We create regular backups of your data& in case you want to revert to original state, it can be done with few clicks.